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We follow the well-proven “Project Gating Process”, which defines specific hold points for Project Control Group sign-off, with definition of actions and criteria required to be completed before each hold point.  In general terms, the hold points follow each project phase defined as: Concept, Preliminary, Developed, Detailed Design followed by Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Acceptance (Practical Completion and hand-over). The services we provide are:

  • Development Management
  • Brief Preparation
  • Design Programme Management
  • Design Workshop Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Value Engineering Management
  • Consultant Procurement
  • Consenting Management

Design Programme Management

Before any of the design consultants are engaged, a master outline programme would have been developed during the project definition phase by our experienced project managers, outlining the key milestones that has to be achieved (refer Master Programming section under Project Management page). This programme will show the different design phases and completion dates that was agreed to, accepted and signed off by the client.

Throughout the all the design phases KPM will monitor and manage the process to ensure that these holding points (or gates) are reached within those timeframes. KPM will lead and chair all the design meetings, doing the minutes and communicate to the whole team to ensure that nothing is missed, that targets are met and that the project stays within the project brief and definition and budget.

Design Workshop Facilitation

The design review process provides a structured method for reviewing the design(s) developed for the project scope to ensure compliance with the client requirements, original specifications, regulatory requirements and good engineering practice. The gating process also provides an opportunity for the design to be tested against the Basis of Design and Budget to ensure that it stays within the parameters, guidelines and project constraints.

Our team will lead and oversee the Design Workshops every fortnight to monitor the design at all the different phases to ensure that the design stays on track and within budget. They will also see that the necessary experience, knowledge and information are brought into the design and any constructability issues are dealt with throughout the process. All workshops are carefully managed and chaired and minutes are taken and distributed to the team for action.

Stakeholder Management

KPM pride ourselves on building solid relationships with our clients and other consultants and have long-standing and lasting relationships with most consultants and contractors in NZ.

All projects are overseen by our project Director who will be active in the delivery of the project from inception through to completion. His knowledge of all issues associated with the project will enable proactive communication with stakeholders regarding any project or service delivery issues that may arise.  This process encompass:

  • Liaise with the overall project team, stakeholders and end users.
  • Provide supervision, instruction and direction to our project delivery team.
  • Ensure the project is resourced with the appropriate level of expertise and knowledge.
  • Ensure consistency and efficiency of service is maintained.
  • Provide reporting to the Project Control Group.

Value Engineering Management

This is where we prioritise the degree of worth, concentrating on ensuring that the client receives the best value relative to their objectives. Having direct access to Kingstons Quantity Surveying business and unprecedented database gives as an edge over any other consultancy within NZ and we can draw on the vast experience and knowledge of Kingstons as a whole.

We go back to the brief and test the design brief validity. We review with the client what they want and prioritise what they really need. We look at different design solutions and different products. We start with high-level and then, as we work through each stage, the process becomes more detailed and focussed on cost-effectiveness, buildability and optimisation.

Consultant Procurement

At KPM our staff have the experience and knowledge to assist with the procurement of a competent consultant team and to lead and coordinate all design activities (see section Design Workshop Facilitation). The procurement methodology can take various forms but will be determined on what is good for the project at the time or alternatively, if our client have preferences, guide them and assist them through the engagement process.

We have solid and trusted relationships with most consultancies, providing all levels of services and in all disciplines and can advise our clients on what is the best for project basis. This can take the form of going to the open market through a RFP process or could be a selected fee proposal basis.

Consenting Management

Following on from the previous steps taken through the development and design phases, KPM will lead you through the next steps of compiling the necessary consent documentation, whether it is for resource consent or building consent. We will assist in procuring and managing the consultant team through this process to ensure the best result is achieved.

Dealing with councils through We can recommend and manage a wide range of consent types, from non-notified through to full environment court applications.

Design Management

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