Project Management services


Project Management

Project Management from project inception to completion ensures your objectives are clearly outlined, managed and controlled giving you certainty throughout each project phase. Our Project Managers will optimise delivery of the project without compromising quality of design, reliability, performance or completion goals whilst ensuring your budget is protected. The services are:

  • Project Initiation
  • Budget Preparation
  • Project Management
  • Master Programming
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Contract Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Defect management

Project Initiation

This phase is the 1st phase in the Project Management Life Cycle, as it involves starting up a new project by defining its objectives, scope, purpose and deliverables to be produced. You'll also hire your project team, setup the Project Management Office and review the project, to gain approval to begin the next phase.

KPM is well versed and experienced to lead this phase – please refer to Development Management page for the different steps involved.

Budget Preparation and Control

Preparing the project budget is not about what’s on a drawings but what is not. Our experience in all types of construction projects and development gives us the knowledge to identify the hidden costs, visualise the design intent, understand the construction process and anticipate the unforeseen to accurately quantify the real project costs. Working closely with, and having input support from our QS business, we will then implement cost-control processes – cost checks, robust change management controls, and cost forecasting with accurate reporting to deliver the project on budget.

Our Project Managers will work closely with your elected providers to ensure that contractors are maintaining the agreed standards while maintaining good cost control to come in on, or below budget.

We will advise on any potential savings and will remain alert to any potential cost blow-outs or any potential delays that could affect the project deadlines and budget.

Project Management

Our project managers are highly skilled, well qualified and have extensive track record with combined experience of over 80 years (tbc) in the construction industry. This experience is based on successful project delivery in a wide range of industry sectors i.e. commercial, residential, tertiary, educational, health, hospitality, infrastructure and retail. At KPM we have proven systems and processes in place for every aspect of project management, which supports our comprehensive service offering and capability.

We also know that in order to succeed that the relationships formed between client, consultants and contractors are key to a successful project delivery, hence the emphasis that we put on forming lasting relationships and good communication. We also understand that every Client is different, every project unique, and we tailor our approach to meet our Clients’ needs and requirements on a project by project basis.

Our Project Management services bring the greatest value to projects where their complex nature demands specialist expertise of the diverse disciplines necessary to deliver a successfully completed project. We know that it is crucial that the client, and the PCG, is informed at all times with a ‘no surprises’ approach to project delivery.

Master Programming

Whichever type of project we are involved in, a detailed programme is a necessity for us, not a requirement. We believe that a well prepared and defined programme is the key to minimising delays and potential risks as it highlights the ideal goal of the project and the necessary steps to get there. On large scale projects, many consultants and contractors tend to use the programme that they have devised. KPM works together with all teams to collaborate and combine together a master programme for all who are involved in the project to use, especially the client.

The master programme defines critical paths and possible float times which clarify requirements that need to be met and certain deadlines that specific consultants need to meet. By having a clear, logical and understandable programme, risks can easily be identified and measures can to be taken to minimise and account for such risks.

Quality Management

Kingstons thrives on providing quality services and products that match the client’s standards and exceed expectations. Through quality assurance we frequently evaluate overall project performance to provide confidence that the project will satisfy relevant quality standards. Through quality control we monitor the results of these performances and apply methods to rectify or eliminate causes of such performances that are unsatisfactory.   

Throughout all stages of a project a risk analysis is set in place to record and evaluate potential risks that can cause defects and result in loss of time, money, quality and most importantly life. These are captured and reported on a regular basis through weekly or monthly progress reports issued to the team.

Quality control is provided by placing an emphases on defining our processes and reporting methods, employing the appropriate level of skill and experience and maintaining a quality relationship with the overall project delivery team.  Our goal is to provide and maintain the highest level of service possible, thereby enhancing project outcomes.

Risk Management

Every project, in some form or another, carries some risk which can originate internally or comes from an external source. KPM have a comprehensive risk management process in place and at the start, and part of review processes, which starts at the Safety in Design sessions, will have risk assessment sessions and a risk register will be developed for the project.

This will be managed on an ongoing process and reported on monthly as part of the project reporting process. Risk identification, analysis and management for this project will be achieved by adopting the following philosophies and strategies:

  • Working with the QS to provide a compressive and detailed cost estimate at the earliest possible stage of the design process. This not only highlights financial risks for the project at the earliest possible stage, but ensures the financial direction and benchmark for the project can be established for which the design development process can be measured upon.
  • Continual communication and attendance at meetings through all project phases will enable the timely identification of risks and/or uncertainties, enabling a proactive and collective approach amongst the project team to resolve issues as they arise based on current and accurate advice.
  • Providing consistency of personnel throughout, enabling our team members to not only develop a deep understanding of the project, but to provide a consistent approach to the project.


Our procurement strategies are designed to maximise the benefit to our clients and we strive to identify and solve any potential risks or delays before they arise. We are well versed and experienced in all forms of procurement and whether we follow an EOI, RFP or any other procurement plan, we will ensure that we recommend the best possible strategy to our clients that will best suit the current market at the time and demand on resources and costs.

Contract Management

Our Team provides cradle-to-grave contract management support which address the unfamiliarity’s such as discrepancies and ambiguities in the design documentation and agreements.  We deploy seasoned professionals who are deeply familiar with the various methodologies associated with the full spectrum of contract documentation. Clients are delivered industry-leading solutions and best practices to achieve success throughout the entire acquisition and execution life-cycles.

Stakeholder Management

See section Design Management

Progress Reporting

We take pride in our ability to communicate and provide knowledge to everyone involved in the projects that we work on. We excel in specific methods such as fortnightly consultant and client progress meetings as well as, during the construction phase, monthly project control group meetings where a detailed progress report of all aspects of the project is provided.

Detailed minutes are always taken and provided to the team for record and action. Actions brought up during the meetings are listed and are prioritised and identified as critical to the ongoing progress of the project. By listing these actions we are able to continuously manage ongoing issues to prevent any unnecessary delays to successful project delivery and the master programme.

Defects Management

We will work with the design team to close out defects within the allocated timeframe to ensure that no additional time costs are incurred by the client during this phase after practical completion is achieved and code of compliance issued.

Project Management

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