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Construction Project Management

KPM will provide a professional service that uses specialised, project management techniques and tools to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception through to completion. Our team has extensive construction experience and is assigned to the project sponsor to ensure that all relevant goals are met with regard to time, cost and quality. The role is the most important throughout the whole building process as KPM’s project manager will have the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the build throughout the project execution phase. This service could include:

  • Engineer to the Contract
  • Construction Programming
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Progress Reporting
  • Integrated Fit-out
  • Operational Commissioning
  • Tenancy Coordination
  • FF&E Management
  • Project Handover and Close-out

Engineer to the Contract

KPM will carry out delegated “Engineer to Contract” role requirements under NZS3910:2013. These include; valuing of variations; issuing provisional payment schedules; issuing certificates of Practical Completion or Defects Liability; granting extensions of time, time related costs and changing any drawings or specifications. We will also ensure that the projects are managed effectively, while acting as senior professional advisor for issues relating to contract management and the implementation of physical works.

Construction Programming

Whichever type of project we are involved in, a detailed programme is a necessity for us, not a requirement. We believe that a well prepared and defined programme is the key to minimising delays and potential risks as it highlights the ideal goal of the project and the necessary steps to get there. In large scale projects, many consultants and contractors tend to run off the programme that they have devised. Kingstons works together with all teams to collaborate and combine together a master programme for all who are involved in the project to use, especially the client.

The master programme defines critical paths and possible float times which clarify requirements that need to be met and certain deadlines that specific consultants need to meet. By having a clear and understandable programme, risks can easily be identified and measures are able to be taken to minimise and account for such risks.

Construction Monitoring

Effective control during the construction process is achieved by monitoring and reporting on allaspects of project delivery. Communication is key. We work closely with the elected building specialists including Architects, Engineers, Main Contractors and a wide variety of tradespeople to ensure that project deadlines are met and that each phase is completed on time.

Our Project Managers are well versed in construction methods and the latest technologies and will identify issues and potential delays fast and efficiently.  We will always act decisively and effectively to ensure that issues are resolved with a minimum impact to the project.

Progress Reporting

See our Project Management page

Integrated Fit-out

Traditionally, the fit out design and construction process that has evolved over the last few years has separated the base building contracts from the fit out contract, and for good reason. As part of the service that KPM offers are to look after tenants requirements that wants to do their fit-outs when signing up for a new office premise, retail and/or shops. Because of our track record and construction background, have the ability and skill to assist prospective clients to look after their fit-out and integrate it into the base build works.

Operational Commissioning

With KPM’s successful project delivery track record comes the understanding and know-how of how crucial it is to provide the proper checks and balances when it comes to practical completion and commissioning of any building project, specifically in the Healthcare sector. This is the time when the final outcomes are realised and tested to see if what was originally designed is getting delivered and everything is functioning the way it was envisaged and designed.

Tenancy Coordination

The KPM team have proven experience of numerous projects behind them, both here in New Zealand and internationally, and they know and understand the commitment and expertise required to get your project to market successfully. This service within developments involves a solid understanding of end-user requirements and tenant design and fit out processes, as well as having the systems, processes and people to manage such a delivery within any main project.

FF&E Management

We can provide a complete turnkey service by managing the planning and procurement of furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) for new building construction, existing building renovations and space upgrades. By working with us as a single point of contact, rather than with multiple outsourced management firms, you benefit from significant project cost savings. Our project managers take on the complicated and time-consuming task of coordinating with the design team, external vendors and internal departments while allowing your internal staff to focus on normal core competencies and your business.

Project Handover and Close-out

As projects near completion, our team will ensure that work is completed to the highest standard and quality, ensure that producer statements are obtained and code compliance certification applications are in place.

Developing a close connection from the design phase of this project through to hand-over will be critical to ensure that the requirements identified in the design process are realised in the final commissioning and hand-over.

A common problem in complex projects is the loss of important decisions in the vital step between design reviews, where they are often identified, and commissioning which is often the first opportunity to verify they have been implemented. Where personnel changes occur this can also further accentuate items of their key intent (falling through the cracks) during this part of the project cycle.

Construction Project Management

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